Covid, 2020

As the world is in a state of change, so many people have taken to wearing masks to protect them and their loved ones. As someone with a compromised immune system herself, Eva has been wearing face masks in public for a lot longer than the virus has been on our mind.

To demonstrate the transient nature of medical aids into the mainstream, Eva has started a collection of work demonstrating face masks worn by iconic film characters.

This is Disability, 2019

A collections of commissions and portraits of young disabled people who pride themselves on being pillars of the online sick community. This is Disability, looks at people who are expected to be inspirational and depicts them in vulnerable or happy shots.

Disabled, Famous, Dangerous, 2019

Not everyone is upfront about their illnesses and disabilities. Eva here explores the face of celebrity disability in either a hidden or embraced form.

A-Z of Animals, 2019

Bored of seeing her young sister’s alphabet with cartoonish (and somewhat patronising) drawings. Eva drew an animal for every letter to support children’s understanding of the alphabet in a mature and graphic style.

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